Experience the Power of Extreme Automation

Enriched with 150+ Features, Next-Gen UX, Intelligence beyond human constraints — Uncover the world's most admired Hiring Automation Suite.

“Future of Talent Acquisition"

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360° Automation

A complete Ecosystem seamlessly connecting Tools, Technology and People.
Automation with Intelligence

150+ Features

Enriched with 150+ automation features to assist you with everything you do. Not just process automation, offering comprehensive task automation.
Extreme Automation

Cresco DeepSense

AI Co-Pilot for Smarter Hiring Decisions.
A comprehensive and qualitative AI backed decision aiding and recommendation system with limitless capabilities.
ATS with Intelligence(Ai)

Complete Ecosystem

Bringing all stakeholder on a seamlessly integrated collaborative platform. Elevate the engagement level with internal as well as external.
360° Automation

Why CrescoWorks

An EcoSystem with built-in intelligence.
"Slashing Bandwidth by 80%"

Transformation Simplified: Built for the velocity of a fast-paced and demanding organisations focused on hiring the best talent. CrescoWorks brings unseen efficiency, simplicity and ease of work into hiring.

Extreme Automation for utmost Efficiency. High impact on Hiring Performance Matrix – Selection Ratio, TAT, Cost, & Quality of Hire.

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User-centric Versions : Tailored for optimum efficiency

Robustness Simplified:

Process optimization, customization, branding, and seamless integrations.

Your bespoke Recruitment Automation solution.

SaaS Game Changer:

First time, Enterprise grade automation at SaaS pricing.

Experience Power with Flexibility and affordability.

Recruitment Reimagined:

Exclusive features for agile competitive recruitment industry.

Precise candidate selection prediction.

A Make Believe world of Recruitment Intelligence

ATS with Intelligence

360 ° Automation

Automate 80% of manual tasks, 100% Compliance and reduce TAT by 70%


Customization, branding and seamless integration with HR Systems


Hire on the go with dedicated mobile apps for all Stakeholders, Candidates and TA Team